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YouTube Channels for Scout Tactical, Scout Prepper, and Scout Hunter

Gear and adventures for the the rest of us.

Recommended Gear

An Amazon list of products that have been reviewed and tested on the channels. We take our gear seriously and don't give out recommendations lightly.

Bug Out Bags

The BIG LIST! Here is the survival gear that is in our Bug Out, Get Home, and INCH bags! Every item also has a link to so you can find out more info about each product.

Donate / Support the Channels

Like the videos? We would really appreciate any support that you could give to help keep them going! Remember that the channels are funded out of Scout's pocket, and the gear reviewed can get expensive! Any help would be a blessing.

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Moosejaw Camping Gear
Black Ovis Hunting Gear

Scout Tactical Channel

The Scout Tactical channel features gun and tactical gear reviews for shooting enthusiasts and law enforcement. The reviews are targeted at "common man" items that everyone can own and enjoy. No $5000 rifles and $3000 scopes (if we can help it) on this channel!

Scout Prepper Channel

The Scout Prepper channel deals with being prepared during an emergency. We cover a little bit of everything including bug out bags, vehicles, natural disaster, food and water prepping, etc.

Scout Hunter Channel

The Scout Hunter channel is ALL ABOUT HUNTING! We love to hunt, and review hunting firearms, hunting gear, and take you along with us on our hunting adventures!