Bug Out Bags

There may not be zombies in real life, but there is a definite need to have emergency gear ready in a well thought out portable kit.

Here are 3 ideas to cover the most commonly thought of emergency scenarios.

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Get Home Bag

The Get Home Bag is normally designed to get you home in a 1 day scenario. The idea behind this bag is small, lightweight, and easy to carry. Normally this bag wouldn't have sleeping, cooking, or shelter options.

With this bag, you are going home.

Bug Out Bag

The now famous "bug out bag" is an intermediate solution. This bag will build upon the 1 day "get home" type bag, because it is designed for multiple days. Additions will include shelter, sleeping, cooking, a solar charger, and more food.

With this bag, you are going to a specified place, and it may take a few days.


The INCH or "I'm Never Coming Home" Bag is the most robust, and the heaviest type of bag. This bag picks up where the bug out bag left off by adding solar charging, as well as more tools for hunting, fishing, and projects.

With this bag, you are leaving. Period.